A Short History of Tainan Dayspring Church (2015)

Dayspring Church started during the Chinese New Year in 2000. Pastor Johannes had served for more than 3 years as a youth pastor at a Presbyterian Church. He and his wife opened their home for the first meetings on Sunday morning. Together with a small group of 8 young people they began worship meetings with the vision to serve a new generation. After 3 months Dayspring Church rented their first facility that could hold about 40 people. At that time we received our government registration (Tsai-Tuan-Fa-Ren) through God’s miraculous intervention. We saw this as a major sign that God has truly called us to develop Dayspring Ministries. At the beginning, Pastor Johannes served as a “tent maker” working as a German teacher at NCKU foreign language department and giving music lessons. As more and more people attended our services, we moved several times, accommodating the growth of the church. Children and youth ministries developed and more staff was added.

2008 we finally moved to our current location. It was our 8 Year Anniversary and we realized that instead of growing one big local church, God was leading us towards a different kind of growth. Some of our staff started to attend classes at the Theological Seminary in Taipei and in 2013 we launched our first br1505410_780610065299441_516745608_nanch church planting project in Yong Kang. When Pastor Gidoen Chiu, a spiritual father for many of us, visited us, we ordained Sen Yang to be pastor for our branch church. In January 2014 another pastor friend, Pastor Vincent Lun from Singapore, attended the opening ceremony in Yong Kang.

Another area of growth is our engagement in missions. In 2015 we are in the process of buildin10470935_10204588289721134_7125997141613007075_ng and maintaining a health clinic in Lahore, Pakistan. With this and other projects, national and international, we want to reach out to people in need and serve them in practical areas as well as passing on the Good News of Jesus.


We are still committed to the same vision, building churches and ministries for a new generation! We have good relationships with local pastors in Tainan, nationwide churches and ministries overseas, especially Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel, Pakistan and Germany. As we walk with God and with each other, we rely on His promise that He will build His church!


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